Religion and Spirituality

Religion, some say is like living an illusion
Of man made ‘spiritual’ institution
With hell and heaven as the ultimate compensation

Spirituality, some say is like living a tentative reality
Of man tries to understand divinity in humanity
With unconditional acceptance as an infinite existence

Religion begins with faith
A basic distinction of wrongs and rights

Spirituality begins with doubt
A quest to quench the thirst of light

Religion practices ancient scriptures
Spirituality is about moment-to-moment adventures

Religion regulates on how to survive and to be a better person
Spirituality is a principle to thrive whatever decided by the universal intelligence

Religion tells we have choices and options
For we have the power to control intention and action

Spirituality is about non-choosing and total submission
Where everything has been settled and we only need to attend the divine orchestration

Must we choose one
Or can we be both?
What if both is none?
And none is all?

Sampurasun 🙏


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